Cooking Holidays


We have the good fortune of being able to cook alongside a large extended Umbrian family. For generations Francesca Filippi family has been involved in farming and artisanal food production in the area surrounding Amelia. They are generous and talented teachers who enjoy sharing the joys of the Umbrian kitchen.

We will join them in their homes and at Il Poilio, to prepare and enjoy together some of the many deeply satisfying dishes of la cucina umbra, among them, breads, pizzas, and focacce baked in a wood-burning oven traditional Umbrian pastas such as tagliatelle and ciriole potato gnocchi, accompanied by a delicious truffle sauce squab alla leccarda – a traditional and rare specialty wild boar ragu’ with local olives rabbit prepared in a variety of ways homemade sausages, made the traditional Umbrian way seasonal vegetables, such as mushrooms, peppers, eggplants preserved in local olive oil and vinegar wild mushrooms, in season addictive little cookies, known as tozzetti, delicious after dinner with a glass of vin santo! homemade jams, and more.

Of course there will also be time for relaxation, simply enjoying a glass of local wine while the sun sets, strolling the streets of Amelia, enjoying a simple meal in a little trattoria, or just drinking in the sights and sounds of this very special place.

No knowledge of italian is required.

Culinary Field Trips


  • truffle hunting, with Fausto Ostili and his trusty truffle dog Zara
  • snail hunting (and cooking!)
  • mushroom picking
  • a visit to a local farm, where if you wish you can feed the boars and pigs
  • walks in the surrounding woods, where deer and pheasant are common sights
  • a visit to an olive grove to pick olives, and then press them at the frantoio, the traditional olive mill
  • olive oil tasting of different oils from the region
  • observe the traditional methods of making mozzarella, ricotta, and pecorino cheese
  • visit to a local winery and wine tasting
  • visit to a local pasta factory.